Michael Hamilton

I'm a javascript developer.|

I am a web application developer working mostly in Node.js. I love the opportunity to learn new languages or frameworks and strive to use the best tools available to get the job done.

I am comfortable using Node and many of it's frameworks to tackle projects from database-driven applications using MongoDB, to realtime applications using Socket.io.

I've also worked a lot in the LAMP stack building web applications using PHP along with MySQL.

While I spend most of my time developing on the backend, I spend plenty of time working on the front end in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I am very well versed in jQuery, along with many other front end libraries and frameworks like Ember and Bootstrap. I've worked equally on a team as I have individually, and in both cases I've used some kind of version control system whether it be Git or Subversion.

In my free time I've been interested in learning more about functional languages via languages like Haskell and Elm, as well as functional programming in Javascript.